SAEG Engineering Group is a multinational engineering company that is dedicated to providing the best products and services in the electromechanical industry, with emphasis on HVAC, control equipment, fire systems and energy cogeneration.


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1. Marketing and Representation

SAEG represents more than 140 premium industrial and commercial equipment manufacturers in the United States and the rest of the world. Our products include: air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration, heating, fire protection, automation, air quality, energy, water technologies, renewable energy, CCTV and access.

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2. Projects

More than 3500 projects throughout 20 years of experience position SAEG as a complete company (replace with comprehensive group) that offers electromechanical solutions in the Americas furnishing not only the necessary equipment but also expert support for all the necessary technical planning, design and installation.

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3. Maintenance

SAEG provides post-sale service of all the brands it represents. This is an added value for customers that require expertise technical assistance beyond the period covered by the guarantee. Preventive and corrective maintenance by specialized personnel.

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4. Energy

New market challenges aim to sustainable technologies and SAEG Engineering Group is also moving forward towards co-generated energy equipments and projects, bioclimatic facades, renewable energies, among others.

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Engineering and urban design

These words are the best definition for Lincoln Mil57 project, an office tower in the Dominican Republic which is already a reference because of its futurist architecture and last generation systems, where our local office displayed all its experience developing HVAC and fire control applications.


The development of the air conditioning system of Celima-Trébol, a ceramic tiles manufacturing company is another example of the capacity of SAEG Peru where we had the opportunity to provide the solutions that were required by high specialized specifications of this industrial sector.


A new milestone is accomplished in SAEG with the completion of 100% of the Southern Peru mining project.  It is about the expansion of the concentrator plant of Toquepala, located in the southern region of the country.


Emeralds from Ecuador

Our offices in Miami, represented by engineer Xavier Enriquez, participated in the project to supply equipment for the construction of the Hospital Esmeraldas, city located in the Ecuadorian ocean front.

The endeavor is not about the production of an advertising spot for a jewelry store or a recent discovered mineral deposit.  It is about an entire medical care development center that will improve the quality of life of the citizens of Esmeraldas, a small coastal city in northern Quito.



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