09 Aug 2018

Photo SAEG Engineering Group We took advantage of this activity to receive training in the latest digital trends demanded by B2B marketing.  During August 9-10 we held our regular quarterly meeting and dedicated a day to discuss digital revolution and customer service as a priority in our business.  For that matter, our Communications and Marketing […]

07 Aug 2018

Photo SAEG Engineering Group Our SAEG offices in Colombia hosted a breakfast-conference to launch AEROFOAM, our new isolation brand. Ingrid Velasco, General Manager, SAEG Colombia together with other strategic partners presented the diversity of products offered by AEROFOAM to key customers.  This line of products includes thermal and acoustic isolation, adhesive tapes and plastic components […]

24 Jul 2018

Photo by SAEG Engineering Group SAEG positions itself with this new brand as the leader in thermal and acoustic isolation solutions with the latest technology.  AEROFOAM products bring to the market a new isolation technology to cater different needs and infrastructures. Currently, when selecting isolation materials we should not only consider the quality of the […]

09 Jul 2018

Photo SAEG Engineering Group The experiences acquired in recent projects were presented in Lima along with the re-launching of the surveys to measure customer satisfaction, cost control, and risk analysis.  We continuously aim to improving ourselves and to furthering our knowledge with every experience. Such processes are an important part of our operations considering that […]

02 Jul 2018

Photo SAEG Engineering Group On July 2, SAEG Panama fellow-workers officially inaugurated new offices and a warehouse, Last July, the SAEG Panama team moved to the Panama Viejo Business Center.  The new areas were designed taking into consideration the advancement of our operations and the improvement of our employee’s well-being. Congratulations to our SAEG Panama […]

02 Jul 2018

Photo SAEG Engineering Group In SAEG we take very seriously the training of our leaders inasmuch as they disseminate the culture throughout our organization.  During the month of June, the turn was to our offices in Peru to continue with our Leadership Program led by our HR Region Manager, Carolina Bermudez.  Leadership is the backbone […]

27 Jun 2018

Photo SAEG Engineering Group We participated as lecturers in panel discussions with several leading ventilation brand companies. The meeting was held in Santiago de Chile on June 27, 2018.  Some of the topics included: heat recovery and air extraction; latest trends in kitchen ventilation, emergency ventilation applications and pressurization of step wells. We appreciate the […]

30 May 2018

by SAEG Engineering Group SAEG is always looking for innovative ideas to exceed the expectations of its clientele.  For this reason, our offices in Panama, Central America, and the Caribbean have launched a new air ventilation line of product VENCO to cater for the respective markets. We are motivated by this great challenge that gives […]

15 May 2018

by SAEG Engineering Group On behalf of SAEG, Ingrid Velasco, our General Manager in Colombia, received an acknowledgment from ACAIRE for its 20 years successful experience in the association.  Giovanni Barletta, President, ACAIRE and Claudia Sanchez, Executive Director presented this certification. ACAIRE is an association that groups Colombian HACV companies.  Its mission is to promote […]

24 Apr 2018

by SAEG Engineering Group Rogelio Montagne joined our SAEG leaders at the end of the month of April bringing his expertise in the field of air conditioning along with 15 years experience in similar executive positions. His capabilities will play a key role in expanding our presence in the region. The work team welcomed their […]