The expansion of the Cardiovascular Center (CEDIMAT, as it stands in Spanish) is a successful additional endeavor to the projects developed in the region by SAEG Engineering Group.

This ambitious project completed in Dominican Republic will strengthen the health services system of the country since it has the highest technical level of specialized medical services in evaluation and cardiovascular surgery.
This hospital center considered one of the major and important of the country has more than 200 hospitalization wards, 4 heart catheterization areas, 5 major surgical rooms (including a pediatric area) 40 intensive care units, equipment sterilization area, laboratories, kitchen and laundry room.
“For SAEG it has been a great experience to be part of the group that developed this prestigious center. We have participated with the designers and consultants in the selection of optimal equipment comprised in the air conditioning and ventilation systems of a surgical room. In this system the air is supplied through ventilation grilles above the patient stretcher that create an air curtain surrounding the patient preventing patient-doctor crossed contamination“ expressed Fausto Huerta, Commercial Manager, SAEG Dominican Republic.
SAEG has the highest technology in air conditioning systems, automatization, air quality, ventilation and fire systems, and it stands out for the support given to the work of health professionals.
“CEDIMAT is an intelligent building, totally controlled by a central system that allows graphic visualization of all automated processes through a computer in a more efficient manner. This occurs thanks to the implementation of an innovative Business Management System that offers the best technology available for this type of building”, adds Huerta.
With this Project SAEG Engineering Group is consolidated as one of the most experienced and engineering competencies in HVAC systems, BMS and Life Safety in the region. Furthermore, it has been categorized as one of the companies best prepared technically, always abiding by the regulations of security and occupational safety.