Our offices in Miami, represented by engineer Xavier Enriquez, participated in the project to supply equipment for the construction of the Hospital Esmeraldas, city located in the Ecuadorian ocean front.

The endeavor is not about the production of an advertising spot for a jewelry store or a recent discovered mineral deposit. It is about an entire medical care development center that will improve the quality of life of the citizens of Esmeraldas, a small coastal city in northern Quito.
Engineer Xavier Enriquez, project leader commented that the products that have been marketed include water pumps, ventilation, accessories (valves and fittings), kitchen ventilation and heating and electric systems.
The completion progress of the teaching hospital is already at 70 percent. This health care center will improve the health system of the city and will house 231 hospital beds and a dialysis center for 11 patients by the end of the year.
In SAEG Engineering Group we are proud to be involved in this type of projects. Thus, just as if it was a gem stone a job well done will have a direct impact one way or another in the health of almost 200 thousand citizens of Esmeraldas.