The offices in Colombia participated in the development of Hidroituango, the biggest energy project of Colombian history where we provided ventilation equipment. The scope of such works, according to sales engineer SAEG Colombia, Luis Enrique Machado, was related to the supply of its mechanic ventilation units. It is expected that the operations of this hydroelectric facility which construction began in 2010, will start in May 2018. Our participation in this project was completed satisfactorily by providing specialized ventilation, pressurization and fire-smoke protection equipment that was timely delivered.

The hydroelectric facilities are located western Colombia at about 171 kilometers from the city of Medellin. This is a project that was conceptualized between the decades of 1960 and 1970 and was back in 1979 when the first studies to evaluate its feasibility were conducted. It is known as the biggest hydroelectric project of Colombia considering that it will have eight turbines that will generate 2,400MW and will supply energy power to approximate 16% of the people of Colombia.
The construction of this hydroelectric plant has represented an opportunity of growth for nearby communities since it has put great effort towards their social well-being in addition to the breakthroughs related to this type of facilities in Latin America. It was an honor for us to contribute, through our work teams with such source of services that will improve the quality of life of a lot of citizens of Antioquia.