Medical Centers

Miami and Costa Rica take advantage of corporate synergies

The air conditioning project for the Hospital Docente de Calderón in Quito, Ecuador, was an example of team work between the offices in Miami and Costa Rica.

Project managers of this collaborative team, engineers Ernesto Quiros and Xavier Enriquez – representing Costa Rica and Miami respectively- launched a variable load capacity air conditioning system in the month of May. The system has a load capacity of 327 tons, distributed in 17 independent systems including 30 compressor units and 138 evaporative condensers/capacitors.

During the process of negotiation of the different quotes, our affiliate office in Costa Rica worked in the design of all the systems and the complete project execution and the office in Miami led the marketing strategy of the project. Once the units were installed they were ready to function in only five days. There was also an added value to the customer due to the fact that the system can work as a heat generator during the winter season.

Two months later, the new hospital was inaugurated. It is named a school hospital where young health professionals will have the opportunity to participate in first-hand experiences guided by specialists from different areas of medicine who are also university professors.

It is expected that the Hospital Docente de Calderon, will benefit directly 500,000 people, offering 21 medical specialties, 156 hospital beds, 15 operating rooms, 14 hemodialisis stations, 44 doctor offices, and 48 stretchers for emergencies. As engineer Quiros expressed, in SAEG Engineering Group “we are convinced that collaboration between offices speaks about team work and growth.” The holistic vision that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts is the on-going motivation in our endeavors seeking for continuous improvement through collaborative projects.