The Costa Rica team organized a series of technical talks in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, in line with the ongoing training program of our clients in the region.

Convinced that permanent specialized training is an important part of the added value we offer, the business team of the office in Costa Rica toured Central America to share closely with the clients of that region in a cycle of conferences that covered diverse topics of great interest.
The meetings took place in November 2017 and covered the cities of Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula in Honduras; the Guatemalan capital and San Salvador; also counting on the support of the local guilds, such as the Association of Mechanical and Electromechanical Engineers of El Salvador.
The occasion was propitious for our customers to have the opportunity to learn more about critical environments by Ing. Jorge Hernandez, latest trends in thermal insulation by Mariana Araujo and use of software H2S from Eng. Ernesto Quirós, manager of our headquarters in San Jose, Costa Rica.
This ongoing training proposal is undoubtedly a differentiating element of the SAEG style service, because beyond the wide range offered by the more than 140 factories we represent, we strive to provide our own portfolio of options with the best talent in the company.