SAEG Perú continues to grow in the mining sector

From the southern region of the continent, specifically from our offices in Lima, Perú, we review the launching of an engineering and supply project to deliver dust collectors equipment for the mine in Toquepala, located in the region of Tacna, very close to the Chilean border.

This important contract is part of the works conducted towards the expansion of the concentrator plant of this mine site in the region, property of the international company Southern Copper Corporation (SCC), that stands out to be one of the greatest manufacturers of integral copper products worldwide. It also produces molybdenum, zinc, lead, charcoal and silver.

The delivery of the works is scheduled for June this year and it is expected that the same will increase considerably the mining, smelting and refining capacity of this multinational corporation that operates mainly in this country and Mexico.

In such a way, SAEG Engineering Group, throughout its talented Peruvian team, continues to maximize its outstanding participation in major projects in the mining sector, providing solutions to guarantee air quality in such installations, not only for the benefit of its employees but the community at large.