Solar Energy for the health care sector

Being acknowledged as experts in the health care area, SAEG Peru has been given the opportunity to develop two important projects at this time, that include water heating systems using solar energy.

The first project was in March 2018 when SAEG Peru was granted the bid to construct a dual-water heating system using solar energy as well as to build its water filtering and supply systems, and start operations of the new hospital in Tocache that is located in the western central area of the country. One of the most pleasing results during the completion of this project was that for the first time, solar panels were supplied for a water heating system in this sector. This endeavor will lead the way to incorporate more sustainable systems when planning urban development in Latin America.
The facility will consist of four levels for a total area of 12.000 square meters and will comprise a portion of the health network of San Martin. Particularly, Tochache has been always a flood-prone area because of the Huallaga and Tocache rivers, and consequently, major efforts have been set forth to optimize the conditions of the zone keeping in mind the best interests of the local people. Another example of the development of facilities and services of this community is the inauguration, in the later period of the year 2017, of two schools that have expanded the educational offer in this area.
On the other hand, during the month of March, we have been contracted to develop a project to build a photovoltaic heating water system in the hospital Tingo Maria located also in Peru. This is a dual system in as much as it will function as a photovoltaic system as well as a gas system.
The completion of both projects has allowed for a better strategic positioning of our group in the area of development and renovation of hospitals, a plan that has been put forward by the government, and is focused in technologies that are eco-friendly and that generate the minimum possible environment impact in our planet. Therefore, by the installation of the water heating systems in the Hospital of Tochale and in the Hospital of Tingo Maria, we contributed to the health of the Peruvian inhabitants of those areas and also we contributed to the betterment of their quality of life.