Our office in Lima, in a joint project with our client COSAPI, company that was responsible for the construction of the tallest building in Peru, had a significant participation in supplying and installing a HVAC in the main branch of Banco de la Nacion. This endeavor was the most important project for SAEG Peru in 2015.

The 135,5M2 of the Banco de la Nacion building may not be that astonishing at first sight, especially if we compare it with one of the highest skyscrapers of the world, the Burj Khalifa in the United Arab Emirates with its 828M2. However, the building looks stunning in the area of San Borja of the Peruvian capital, city where the highest building barely exceeds 35M2.
The office General Manager, Eng. Diego Guerrero de Luna, talks about the extent of our participation in this tremendous development: 2325 cooling tons, divided in 1890 tons in the cooling water system for the offices and 435 tons in a water cooling system for its data centers. We also provided 22 water pumps and its corresponding accessories, 5 heat exchangers and 5 cooling towers.
And there are more credits to acknowledge. We also provided 37 equipment components for the stairs pressurization ventilation system, extraction of carbon monoxide and general services; 29 water-operated air conditioners for data centers and 2 electrostatic precipitators. Furthermore, we provided assistance to the construction company COSAPI during test protocols related to the functioning of the equipment, pointed out Engineer Guerrero de Luna.
We appreciate the trust of our client COSAPI, second engineering and construction national capital company in Peru with more than 50 years in the business. Also we congratulate our fellow-workers in the office in Peru for being part of this project. In the following link you can appreciate the construction timeline: Youtube