We were at the biggest mining distribution plant in Peru

We already started two EPC projects for the company Impala. On this occasion, we will be developing a dust collection system for its storehouses and also adjustments to the HVAC system of all of its offices.

This ambitious project confirms our expertise in mining projects. Impala is the largest minerals export plant in Peru that maintains marketing relationships worldwide. The facilities are located specifically in El Callao, an important industrial zone experiencing great growth.

The adjustments to the HVAC system of its offices will aim for the well-being of its employees through air conditioned and ventilated ergonometric spaces. Likewise, the storehouse dust collectors guarantee a secure and healthy environment for the employees that will work in the area.

The most challenging aspects of this project were related to the short delivery times and the fact that the engineering renovations were developed by a third party.

We feel proud that Impala, in addition to operating in Peru, the company also has strong presence in countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Paraguay, and Bolivia. The renowned trajectory of Impala positions them as the largest and modern facility of the mining sector in Peru.

On our part, our projects have started and we plan its implementation by November 2018.