Medical Centers

Operating rooms free of pathogenic agents

Up to 30% Energy savings

Up to 30% Energy savings

Up to 30% Energy savings

The Challenge

Reducing to a minimum the risk of contamination by air, as much as to the patient as to the health staff, within the critical settings of health centers, such as operating rooms is a challenge.
These types of contamination, along with others that are typical of a hospital, are known as nosocomial or inpatient infection. This is a situation impacting 8.7% of hospital patients around the world according to a recent study of the World Health Organization (WHO).

The Solution

The improvement of the quality of air conditioning and ventilation of operating rooms to guarantee circulation, distribution and air filtration within this areas.
An adequate design of an operating room should comply with the air changes per hour stipulated by standard 170-2008 of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioners Engineers (ASHRAE) that recommends 20 changes of air per hour for this type of environment. Besides, it demands maintaining a positive pressure within the operating room in regards to any surrounding area or alley. Additionally, a “System of Air Curtains” is integrated to guarantee adequate isolation between the patient and the medical staff taking care of him/her.
Generating an air barrier above and around the patient protects him/her from the air flow perimeter of the doctor and the rest of the room. SAEG designs the air conditioning system of the critical area, the necessary equipment, installation and maintenance. SAEG offers complete or partial solutions according to the needs of the customer, encouraging the use of current regulations related to air conditioning systems required by hospitals.

The Benefits

Avoids any type of aerial infection,Evitar infecciones por vía aérea
Protects the patient and the medical staff of crossed contamination.
Cools down the air Acondicionar el ambiente
Does not interfere with the diagnostic or the treatment of the patient


Cardiovascular Center (CEDIMAT) in Dominican Republic
Trujillo’s Hospital. Peru
Abancay’s Hospital. Peru
Villa El Salvador’s Hospital. Peru
La Merced’s Hospital. Peru
Paita’s Hospital. Peru
Almenara’s Hospital. Peru

“Recently ASHRAE is developing health standards and guidelines that will integrate design and construction rules and regulations of the American Institute of Architects that will consolidate best practices and recommendations in hospital settings. This venue will avoid using different criteria related to air quality solutions for areas that are similar.”

Alexis Cabrera, Commercial Director, SAEG Dominican Republic