01 REPRESENTATION and Distribution

SAEG represents more than 140 premium industrial and commercial equipment manufacturers in the United States and the rest of the world. Our products include: air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration, heating, fire protection, automation, air quality, energy, water technologies, renewable energy, CCTV and access. This line of business was the starting point of SAEG Engineering Group in 1997 and today continues to represent the fundamental cornerstone within the organization. Among the advantages offered to our clientele we can mention:

  • Immediate response thanks to manufacturer guarantees covering the equipment that is purchased.
  • Installation and support fromspecialized personnel.


More than 3500 projects throughout 20 years of experience position SAEG as a complete company (replace with comprehensive group) that offers electromechanical solutions in the Americas furnishing not only the necessary equipment but also expert support for all the necessary technical planning, design and installation. This line of business emerged due to the clear need of providing “turnkey” projects with the following benefits to the customers:

  • Only one company responsible for all aspects related to the project.
  • Immediate response regarding factory guaranties of the equipment purchased.
  • Installation and support from specialized personnel in situ


SAEG provides post-sale service of all the brands it represents. This is an added value for customers that require expertise technical assistance beyond the period covered by the guarantee. Preventive and corrective maintenance by specialized personnel that supplements the offer of the organization:

  • Manufacturer guaranteed replacement parts
  • Specialized personnel support in situ
  • Shipping cost reduction