Raul Sanchez

A leader that promotes change

Raul, who leads the Project Management office in Peru, has performed his duties addressing several challenges to cope with change orientation and has served as a point of reference due to his expertise in the management of EPC Projects in Peru.

He is a mechanical-electrical engineer with studies in Project Management aligned with the PMI set forth global standards. He also has a degree in Project Management and Finances. During his ten years of experience, he has lead and supervised projects of great significance in the mining, oil and gas and industrial sectors which have required ample technical knowledge, management abilities and client focus to optimize results.
Recently he received acknowledgment at Business Review meeting held in October for standing out in the competition regarding change orientation for showing adaptation and resilience on the spot and at the same time, coping with the challenge as leader of the project management office in SAEG Peru.
During his tenure as manager of our offices in Peru, he has developed high-level EPC projects. Among the different challenges of such a role, we can mention complying with rigorous delivery deadlines, optimizing resources and guaranteeing client satisfaction in every project regardless of its nature or importance. For that matter, Raul has performed an outstanding job due to his deep sense of client satisfaction: “The needs of the clients are taken care in all capacities; we not only strive to honor the contractual requirements but to offer an added value in each one of our proposals with the purpose of encouraging both their growth and ours. The more ambitious is the project the more enthusiastic we are because we know that we have excellent professionals, we have the technology and we are able to be efficient to exceed the expectations of our partners”
Since his beginnings in SAEG the project management division he has provided professional growth opportunities through the demanding tasks entailed by the position. Raul admits that he is motivated by challenges and favorable circumstances. And precisely, this is what he found in SAEG, an international organization aiming to be the leader of our line of business in the Latin American market. His duties are divided between strategic and operational management where he has proven to be a determined and visionary professional that enjoys his work.
Besides his long career in renowned multinational companies in the sector, he has significant international experience in project management and quality (PMI). He was given the opportunity to be the only South American participant in a leadership and project management program and have had the advantage of visiting different European and North American cities during his training.
Raul also considers that beyond knowledge a professional cannot achieve success without ethics. “Performing your duties with values such as honesty, transparency, respect, and integrity is the only way to really stand out and transcend in an organization”, assures Raul. And furthermore, this is what he encourages in his work team.
For us at SAEG Raul is an example of adaptation to change. His adjustment to the dynamics of the company was very smooth and he is an active advocate in maintaining the organization’s culture of growth, ethics and corporate well-being. We feel proud to have outstanding professionals of integrity such as Raul.