A new milestone is accomplished in SAEG with the completion of 100% of the Southern Peru mining project. It is about the expansion of the concentrator plant of Toquepala, located in the southern region of the country.

From the southern region of the continent, specifically from our offices in Lima, we reviewed the beginning of the engineering design and supplying of equipment for the dust collection system for the Toquepala mine, located in Tacna, very close to the Chilean border. Today, we can state: “mission accomplished’.
This important contract was part of the expansion of the concentrator plant of this mine site owned by the international company Southern Copper Corporation (SCC) that stands out as one of the biggest integrated copper companies of the world. This company also produces molybdenum, zinc, lead, coal and silver.
With the completion of the installation of the equipment of the Southern Peru project this multinational company is expecting to increase considerably the capacity of extracting, smelting and refining minerals operations concentrated in Peru and Mexico.
Likewise, SAEG Engineering Group continues to demonstrate an ongoing participation in projects of great importance in the mining sector, standing out in providing solutions to guarantee air quality in such facilities.