Engineering and urban design

These words are the best definition for Lincoln Mil57 project, an office tower in the Dominican Republic which is already a reference because of its futurist architecture and last generation systems, where our local office displayed all its experience developing HVAC and fire control applications.

The scope of this work includes conceptual, basic and detail engineering; equipment and bulk material procurement, construction, installation, commissioning and start up. The delivery of this project was in august smoothly, with total customer satisfaction.
The areas of the development were conditioned specifically with fire suppression system, clean agent system for data and server rooms, fire detection system, air conditioning application and BMS.
Abraham Lincoln Avenue in the Dominican Capital never will be the same after construction of this avant-garde office building that also has a triangular surrounding structure that filters the weather to condition the interior environment, thereby completing a proposal that mix respect for the environment, technology, esthetic and engineering SAEG quality.