Our offices in Dominican Republic and Panama are working in major projects for the expansion of the main airports of those countries, specifically the firefighting and the cold water plant systems, respectively.

The SAEG office in Dominican Republic is responsible for the expansion of the firefighting network at the Aeropuerto Internacional de las Americas, José Francisco Peña Gómez, its main airport and that serves the city of Santo Domingo. The completion of the project is under the supervision of engineer Ramón Cabrera, Manager, Fire Division.
Likewise, we were granted the contract to continue the work in the control-check areas of Aeropuerto Internacional de Puerto Plata, Gregorio Luperón, leaded by Sully Lora.
We appreciate the confidence of the managing company of these air terminals, Aeropuertos Dominicanos Siglo XXI (Aerodom), for trusting us with the completion of such important projects that without doubt will improve the quality of the services provided to national and international passengers.
There is a similar scenario in Panama where our local office is participating in the expansion of its main airport, Tocumen, known as the Hub of the Americas in the capital city of the country. In this capacity we are to provide pumps for the chilling water plant, a project that will generate six thousand tons of air conditioning.
The future South Terminal will have an area of 75 thousand square meters and will host 20 departure ports, a taxiway, a third runway, a control tower and direct access to the peripheral expressway of Panama City. Moreover, the projections are that the number of passengers using this Panamanian airport will increase from 13 million in 2015 up to 25 millions of people in 2017.