Mining Project at an altitude of 4,000 meters

The copper mine in Las Bambas in, the region of Apurimac-Peru, is located at a very high altitude of 4000 meters above sea level, which in comparison is approximately half the altitude of Mount Everest. The ingenuity of the SAEG engineering team resulted in the development of the HVAC system, powder collection and air conditioning in a site where the complete acclimatization of the human body requires 46 days.

The facilities for the exploration of this mineral deposit headed by Bechtel are currently at the advanced stage of construction and the company is expecting to become one of the largest copper mines in the world when operating at full capacity. Las Bambas has projected to produce 2 million tones concentrated copper during the first five years of operation, milestone that represents an exploration of only ten percent of the property under concession.
David Gomez and Edgardo Avendaño, Project Engineers informed that we are working on the concentrator plant and the main stone crusher, planned to produce copper concentrates between January and March of 2016 at an estimated total timeline production of 20 years.
“The progress of the work in the concentrator plant includes air conditioning systems of the electrical rooms, tunnel ventilation and powder collection in the process areas. This industrial facility uses several methods to attain an economic mineral concentration while extracting materials from the mines”, explained Gomez.
Las Bambas has mineral deposits of 6, 9 million tons copper and 10, 5 million tons mineral resources. A huge task entails upon personnel involved and the SAEG Peru engineers in maintaining proper conditions within the tunnel ventilation systems as well as the air conditioning systems in the electric rooms which are situated within close proximity to the main stone crushers.
Without any doubt this engineering project demonstrates remarkable achievements that have resulted due to the dedication, commitment and hard work of each and every member of the team while enduring uncomfortable working conditions within the work space in the mine. SAEG Engineering Group is proud of their team members who are committed with absolute perseverance handling this projects day to day tasks and challenges