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The offices in Dominican Republic had a great start off in 2016 by signing contracts to supply and installation of a fire fighting system for the multinational Brugal & Co. This demonstrated that protecting the property and the lives of people could also be a very attractive venue to do business. After complying with a rigorous bidding process, SAEG Dominican Republic was granted the bid to complete two important commitments undertaken by Brugal & Co., rum company. Both projects are to recondition the emergency protection systems of two of their facilities: one in the distillery plant and the other in the bottling and ageing plant in Puerto Plata. Engineer Ramon Cabrera, leader of both projects reported about each one of the projects on February 28th.

The first phase of the works performed in the distillery that is located in the province of San Pedro Macoris, included the construction of a machine room; relocation of the pump, underground network mount and hydrant areas. It is expected that at a later phase we will complete the installation of connecting hoses and sprinklers that feed the distillation tower. Additionally, a significant portion of the fire protection and alarm systems will be supplied and installed.
On the other hand, in the bottling and ageing plant located in Puerto Plata, our participation in this important project is to recondition the machine room; provide and install pumps, hydrants and siamese valves and simultaneously to build an underground network system up to the main entrance of four buildings.
We extend congratulations to all the Dominican team that participated directly in the negotiations and planning to obtain this contract. Without doubt such endeavor will portrait an applied engineering work designed to protect property and the people through skilled professionals committed with the company and the community.