Summary of the project to supply and install fire protection and air conditioning systems in Banco Nacional de Costa Rica and its Association of Employes as well as a control system that will be used for the first time in the region.

Marcando pauta en Centroamérica

SAEG continues to grow in Central America and this is demonstrated throughout results. On this opportunity our office in Costa Rica that in the beginning operated selling equipment was responsible for the installation of a fire pump to include the mechanical work of the entire machinery house in the building that hosts the headquarters of Banco Nacional de Costa Rica in the city capital.
This endeavor was quite a challenge and without doubt exceeded expectations since the project was not only delivered a month in advance but besides that the executives were very satisfied with the outcome and commented about the quality of our services within their organization.
In this way we also delivered a fire pump as well as an air conditioning system consisting of an air-cooled condenser and closed circuit cooling towers.
But good news does not end here. For the first time the Load match concept along with this last generation control system was installed in Central America. We have moved forward throughout 20 years of experience and nowadays our company continues to offer industrial engineering services for a lifetime.