As part of the range of the fire prevention devices offered by our group we were able to develop, for the first time in the country, a water mist system for the Museum of Archeology.

The protection of the areas of the museum is of particular importance and requires special measures concerning fire prevention due to the fact that the Museo Nacional de Arqueología will safeguard articles of great historic and irreplaceable value. Conventional ceiling sprinklers are inadequate for this type of project since the damage would be greater when the water sprinklers are activated than the wreck caused by the fire itself. At the same time, the temperature of the protected area is reduced significantly and the fire is controlled immediately. This feature is particularly important to avoid spreading the fire to other valuable objects.
The construction of the MUNA (Museo Nacional de Arqueología) begun in May 2018 and it is expected to be finalized in approximately two years from this date, as it was informed by the Minister of Culture of Peru. This project, located in Lurin, southern Lima is not only one of the largest of the country but of Latin America. After a bid with the participation of 70 architects, Ms. Alexia Leon was the professional selected to design such a promising infrastructure.
The new museum will include preservation and research laboratories as well as specialized storage facilities to preserve the archeological treasures of Peru. It is also estimated that the museum will showcase around 500 thousand pieces; many of these have not been displayed waiting for an appropriate space for exhibition. Furthermore, the UNESCO offices in Peru will be responsible for the supervision of all the stages involved and applied in the museology and museography of objects, as well as the necessary equipment of the MUNA.
This is a very significant project for SAEG apart for being the first archeology museum of the country it has given us the opportunity to innovate as pioneers in the development of a fire prevention water mist system recommended for high ceiling infrastructures. Secondly, this is so because in this way we are contributing to the promotion of cultural development in Peru and Latin America.